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May 21, 2017
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Hi guys!

I'm applying to DO schools this cycle and I'm a little bit worried about being late. I already submitted my primary and it was verified. I'm working on secondary applications but they are taking me such a long time! I was wondering if anyone could tell me the range for on time applicants. Also I would really appreciate some suggestions on where to apply.

Ohio Resident
cGPA- 3.71
sGPA- 3.63
MCAT- 511

Here's my list so far:
VCOM (Carolinas and Auburn)
Rocky Vista (Colorado)
Ohio University
A.T. Still


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Jan 28, 2013
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DO cycle is long and you are competitive at all schools.
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Jun 24, 2016
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Not late yet, but I'd get on it ASAP.
You're competitive for all DO schools and probably a lot of MD ones too.

Just apply wherever you want to live basically.


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Jul 7, 2014
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You're competitive but sooner is always better than later.
Oh, and not sure which one you're referring to but I interviewed at at still in Missouri, I'd cross it off the list unless you like living in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

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