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Advice needed

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by DtothaO, Oct 17, 2002.

  1. DtothaO

    DtothaO Junior Member
    7+ Year Member

    Oct 17, 2002
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    Hey all,

    This is my first post!

    Anyways, i'm kind of stressed out nowadays. I've only applied to 3 schools (COMP, Touro, NYCOM). Interviewed at COMP (alternate) and Touro (waiting to hear) and haven't heard from NYCOM (does anyone know what's up with them?)

    My basic stats are 29R (10-9-10) on the MCAT, 3.3 Cum, and 3.0 sci from UCLA. I have your regular pre-med amount of research and volunteer experience.

    I'm scrambling to apply to more schools? Any suggestions? And is it that late in the game? I've heard of people completing their application in december and getting into a school (A friend of mine at COMP).

    And sometimes i wonder how these schools even decide? I mean, my interview at COMP could of been better, but i didn't totally blow it. In the cases where the student doesn't just totally mess up the interview, how do schools decide? My Touro interview went decently i thought. But they only asked me 4 basic simple questions (why do you want to be a DO? Tell me about your current job. What specialty do you want to go into?). How are they going to decide?

    Sorry this post is so long. Any answers to any of my questions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  2. mfred

    mfred Member
    7+ Year Member

    Oct 16, 2002
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    Hey, its only my second time to ever post. Heres my advice (take it for what its worth), I would wait another couple days to hear from TUCOM before you apply to other schools (its so expensive and time consuming to apply). I had similar grades/CAT to yours (about 3.0 sci, 3.7 overall, 30 CAT), and I got accepted to TUCOM. I also had very good work in the field, and good references. However, I have to add I did not get in last year. Anyway, if TUCOM does not accept you, apply to as many schools as you can. Waiting a year is not the worst thing, but it does suck. It is still very early in the game. I knew people getting accepted in March last year to a couple schools. Good Luck.
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  3. DrZippy2b

    DrZippy2b Senior Member
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    Sep 24, 2002
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    When did you interview at Touro? If it was before the 10th you should hear this week. I stay stick it out and see what you hear~

    Good luck!

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  4. Dr JPH

    Dr JPH Membership Revoked
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    Feb 4, 2000
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    Resident [Any Field]
    Your numbers are certainly within NYCOMs range.

    I would wait it out.

    Not necessarily too late to apply to other schools, but if you are strongly considering NYCOM, see what happens with them in the next month or so.

    Also, waitlisted is not a bad thing.

    Keep in touch with CCOM and forward them info occasionally.

    If they see your name a few more times in a positive way, you could get off the waitlist.

    Waitlists are not necessarily first come, first served. It's more like commonly seen names, file is on top of the pile.

    Good luck.
  5. maysqrd

    maysqrd Go A's!
    7+ Year Member

    Sep 27, 2002
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    I would also wait to hear from TUCOM.

    I kind of picked up from the interview at Touro that it was more behavioral based and that it wasn't the substance of the answers but how you acted when giving your answer. Did you articulate well, were you respectful of the others when they were answering their questions, were you calm or an obvious wreck, etc. etc?

    Your interview there is pretty early in the cycle so they wouldn't even offer you an interview if they didn't at least like what they saw on paper. When did you interview? As DrZippy2B stated, you should hear this week if you interviewed before the 10th.

    Good luck!!

    TUCOM, 2007

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