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May 29, 2017
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Hey guys, so I have OK stats and am applying this cycle, but I want to make a plan on if I don't get in this cycle. Which do you all think I should do?

Take 4 CC science classes to get my sGPA to a 3.28 and cGPA to a 3.2, and apply next cycle?

Apply for LECOM or VCOM post-bacc, and try to get accepted through their linkage program?

Or both?

Thing is I need to make some money and try and get some more clinical experience hours.

Current stats:
3.14 cGPA
3.19 sGPA
511 mcat (next cycle will be my last cycle before I have to retake)
Great EC's that are non-medical related
Weak EC's that are medical related.

Any advice would be incredibly helpful, thank you!
If I were you I would take this next year to get those good medical ECs, and ace those CC classes. Apply on day 1 next cycle to DO schools and MD SMPs.
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