May 31, 2020
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Hey All!

I'm planning on submitting my application in June this year but unsure what schools I should apply to. Here are my stats and list of schools. Any suggestions/comment helps! Thanks so much in advance and good luck to everyone this cycle.

Grad student
3.7 GPA
19 TS DAT (19QR, 17RC, 18 Bio, GC 19, OC 24), 18PAT
5+years dental experience (shadowing & assisting)
100+ hours volunteer/leadership outside of dentistry

MEH (Meharry)
OSU (Ohio State)
COL (Colorado)*resident
UNLV (U of Las Vegas)
UNC (North Carolina)
BUF (Buffalo)
WASH (washington)
Texas- any suggestions (if I should even bother) and which schools specifically I have the highest chance of getting in to
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O Cabra

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May 18, 2017
Salt Lake City, UT
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For OOS students to get into Texas schools, your stats have to be stellar. Unfortunately I think your DAT is too low for them to consider you. But if you do want to apply, apply to all three through TMDSAS. It’s cheaper

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Nov 19, 2019
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UNiversity of Washington is also very, very hard for non-Washington and non-WICHE applicants. I think they almost exclusively take from those two pools. You’re from the west but since Colorado has a dental school I don’t think you qualify as WICHE for UW dental. Consider swapping this out for a different, more out of state friendly/private school.
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Nov 7, 2017
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With that "ok" DAT score, add more schools for sure. At least 15+ with your stats especially with the subaverage RC and PAT. Honestly, if you have the fund, go for 20+ schools. Also, realistically, you're REACHING pretty hard with this school list (WASH, UNC, TX, etc.) unless you're willing to retake the DAT for a better score. Maybe this list was the reason why you didn't get in last cycle. Be optimistic but also be realistic.
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