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Advice on classes for next semester?


New Member
Apr 22, 2012
  1. Pre-Pharmacy
I'm a freshman in college and was a Business major my first semester, but am changing to Human Nutrition Food and Exercise in the fall to pursue pharmacy after undergrad, so I obviously have some catching up to do.

I still have to take Chem 2 with lab and Bio 1 with lab (took Bio 2, since it was the only Bio offered in Spring semester)

Over the summer, I am taking Chem 2 with Lab at a community college back home in order to take Orgo in the fall. I would take them over the summer at my college right now, but I cannot afford that and can barely afford to take summer classes at community college.

For my Fall Semester as a Sophomore, I have signed up for:

Orgo (3)
Orgo Lab (1)
Anatomy (3)
Bio 2 (3)
Bio 2 Lab (1)
Statistics (3)
Foods, Nutrition, and Exercise (3)
Orientation to HNFE (1)
(I have to take the last two classes listed for my major.)

That's 18 credits! I would ideally like to take 16 at the most, but in order to be on track with my major I must take all of these.

I was wondering if it would look bad if I took Bio and Bio Lab over the summer as well at community college? If I did I would only be taking 14 credits in the fall and would most likely get better grades as well since that's 4 less credits to worry about. It would show up on my transcript that I was a business major before switching to HNFE, so would pharmacy schools understand that it was necessary for me to take Bio and Chem over the summer to catch up, or would they frown upon that?

I got a 3.9 gpa in the fall and expect to make dean's list again this semester, so they should know I'm not the slacker type right? I don't plan on taking anymore summer classes, for I can still graduate a semester early with a minor in Bio and Chem as long as I complete Bio and Chem asap.

WHAT DO I DO?! Should I keep the 18 credits and risk doing poorly, or take Bio at community college along with chemistry in order to catch up?!

Please help me out! Sign up for community college ends soon and I must make a decision asap.


Full Member
5+ Year Member
Oct 7, 2011
  1. Pharmacy Student
I have heard two different opinions on that, although it may depend on your pharmacy school(s) of choice. I have heard that it may be frowned upon to suddenly take a class at a CC while taking classes at a 4Y. However, I have also heard (from someone who was recently accepted into Minnesota) that it really makes no difference. Ultimately the choice is up to you. My opinion is that if you know that it is likely that you will do much better doing 16 credits than doing 18, then go ahead with taking them at CC. Just keep in mind that your interviewer may ask you why you did that (perhaps just out of curiosity). They want to see that you have an explanation for everything and that you're confident in your decision and rationale.
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