Best option for letter of recommendation for pharmacy school admission?

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Jun 4, 2020
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Thank you for your answers

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Oh man... :)

Although pharmacy admissions is in a state of disarray, do what you can to give them your best application. Check with the schools closest to you or the ones highest on your wishlist about whether they would be inclined to accept those older references.
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7 year reference is not ideal for anyone. Who did you put down for a reference when applying to medical schools? Most schools are on a rolling admission basis for pharmacy, but is your intent to apply/travel to pharmacy school in your location or abroad? Are you trying to apply for admission this fall or next year?

I ask because between now and next cycle, you could start working as a pharm tech for a solid year while also collecting hours of shadowing different pharmacists in different settings (as well as other healthcare professions). I would add that a lot of students entering pharmacy school have not worked in a pharmacy, so they would've needed to require healthcare professional reference(s) plus someone to speak on their character and work ethics (religious leader + professor during school).

A reference doesn't have to be a pharmacist, but you do need someone to attest to your work ethics/character within the past couple of years. Either way, I would strongly encourage working as a tech to really get you exposure to what the conditions are like (double-so if you're attempting to apply next cycle).
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They still look at letters of recommendations? I thought pharmacy schools only care that you have a pulse and can qualify for $200k+ in student loans.
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haha, but so do the for-profit diploma mill Caribbean medical schools - pulse, major student debt after weed out. That is if one has the pulse to stomach how it destroys one's life. Getting into PA school, or medical school in America is damn near impossible lol. One can go radio silence on applications for years. Even if grades etc. are good the competition due to the high number of applicants is extreme and getting worse each year. I think it's about what one wants to do as well as what one is capable of doing career-wise. Also, I dare to say being a physician is more burdensome (?)
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Get a bad recommendation letter so you aren't accepted, and then choose a different career. Best advice.