Advice on matching EM with a lower step 2CK

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Aug 30, 2021
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Hi all,

So I scored a 235 on step 1 and got my step 2 ck back last week and it was a 217. I had a couple of members in my family sick the weeks around step 2 ck but still not sure what happened. I am applying EM. I have a good SLOE from a top 10 school and I am doing an away with another top 20 program hoping to get a good sloe from them as well. Honors on all rotations. Good LoR. about 16 publications and unique research experiences. Decent amount of extracurriculars otherwise. I'm pretty nervous because of that awful drop and looking to hear peoples thoughts on outlook for match.

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As someone who's applying EM, yes the 217 is not great but the main reason why people match is because of SLOEs. No one is gonna be like "this guy/gal was so cool and would fit perfect with our program but his step 2 score isn't great." At least not in EM. This is what I've heard so far from program directors at the EMRA residency fair meetings when people asked similar questions. I think if youre a nice normal person (which sounds like you are with honoring all your rotations since i feel its hard to honor if youre weird or annoying), youre chances of gettin an interview are higher and then if they like you there, you won't really have to worry. They might ask you about it and sounds like you have reasonable explanations
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Inb4 EM is sinking, they'll take anyone with a pulse, etc. etc.

1.) EM programs are expanding and there with a broad application you'll be able to find a good match.
2.) Completely second the post above. The residency overall seems to value fit/personality in contrast to IM which looks at scores heavily (at least traditionally). The reason being classes are smaller and SLOEs have been traditionally more useful.
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