emergency medicine applicants

  1. R

    Advice on matching EM with a lower step 2CK

    Hi all, So I scored a 235 on step 1 and got my step 2 ck back last week and it was a 217. I had a couple of members in my family sick the weeks around step 2 ck but still not sure what happened. I am applying EM. I have a good SLOE from a top 10 school and I am doing an away with another top...
  2. E

    EM Residency Match - How ask about pregnancy support?

    I have gone on 13/15 interviews and am still unable to ascertain how family/pregnancy friendly residency programs are. I am not planning on starting my family until after residency, but I want to know I will be supported if “life finds a way.” Some programs have policies for third trimester and...
  3. Mat the coolcat

    Guide for EM re-applicants?

    Hi all, I didn't match into emergency medicine last week, and I'm searching for a guide for re-applying if anyone has one; I'm a DO student who's definitely still set on re-applying EM for next year. My mentor/advisor and I are still kind of at a loss for why I didn't match; I wasn't even on...
  4. Mat the coolcat

    List of new EM programs?

    Hey all, Trying to compile a list of new EM programs that started interviewing residents for their inaugural class this year for educational purposes. If y'all could comment on the other ones it would be much appreciated. The ones I'm aware of are: California -St. Joseph's in Stockton...
  5. 1


    Hey Everyone! For those looking to add another EM Residency to your application list, take a look at Northwell Health's newest program at Southside Hospital. It is a 3 year EM program recruiting for its inaugural class this year. ACGME certified with the backing of one of the nation's larges...
  6. D

    Interested in EM?

    Hello future physicians! Are you interested in Emergency Medicine as a career path or are still undecided?? Be sure to follow Henry Ford Allegiance EM Residency (HFAEMRes) on Facebook to get an in depth look into our program! We plan to post weekly cases, application and interview help, as well...
  7. A

    Residency in California.

    Hi guys, Please tell me what are my chances of matching in California for emergency medicine . Which colleges I should apply to with any hope of getting an interview. I am an IMG with step 1 score 238, step 2 ck score 229, Cs cleared. Did electives in university of Kentucky in EMD, Boston...
  8. thelampking

    Wilderness / Expedition Medicine

    Hey hey hey! I'm interested in wilderness medicine. Dream job: trekking up mountains while being able to practice medicine. It combines my 3 passions: medicine, fitness, and travel. Close 2nd dream job: Doctors Without Borders or another international health aid company. 3rd: FEMA (or something...
  9. R

    Medical work experience/certifications on CV

    I will be taking my Step 1 in July and am starting to work on my CV. I am currently a student at SGU in Grenada, which I know it becomes a bit more competitive when going for an Emergency Residency. I just want to present my qualities as best as I can. My past experience is an Emergency Dept RN...
  10. FutureDoc_OC

    Importance of USMLE step 2CK for EM match as a DO?

    As a DO if you score over 240 on USMLE step one, do you think its still important to take USMLE step 2 on top of COMLEX step 2 if you want to match into an ACGME residency? Thanks
  11. S

    Military Interview Rotation - Feeling underwhelmed by reviews

    Alright, so I'm applying the military match this year as an MS4. I liked the idea of EM, especially after urgent care and trauma calls. So I asked to rotate EM, my school wouldn't allow me to rotate the specialty until I was interviewing. So my first EM rotation was as an interview rotation...
  12. House911MD

    Useful non-EM electives for Emergency Medicine applicants?

    What non-EM electives do you think would be useful to take 4th year (maybe ones that EM residency training doesn't give enough practice in)? I've already done a SICU elective and am scheduled for a radiology and an EKG one, but I might still have some room for a few more 2 and/or 4 week. I've...