Aug 1, 2014
Hello all. I am currently a senior undergrad as a secondary math edu major.mrecently I've had some medical problems recently and have had my eyes opened about switching into a medical program, and now this is what I want my career to be. I'm too close to finishing all my teaching reqs and plan on finishing that....

This is where my question is....

I've gotten mixed advice between post-bacc and just adding on the pre med classes I need. So anyone who's been in a similar situation what did you do and what would you recommend?

Thanks in advance!


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Apr 24, 2013
SMP is what some on here have called a "med school try outs", which is a heavy sink-or-swim scenario. As i understand it, you take all the sciences you need to apply to medical school, and some of your classes may actually be with real medical students. If you succeed in it, you are fed directly into the medical school program. If you fail, it looksa lot worse because you've basically proved you cannot handle medical school. Someone correct me if im wrong on that.

Postbaccs/DIY's are safer and more preferred because theres a little more wiggle room (slightly). For you, you would graduate with your major and then immediately turn around and start taking intro science. If this is the first time you're hitting the hard sciences like it was for me, take it slow at first and see whats easy for you and whats hard, find a good pace. If you do well in a single intro course, then continue on and judge your own pace, try two hard sciences the next quarter, etc.

I would just go the DIY route if you're good at self-organizing and researching what med schools require vs what you need to accomplish.

Your graduating cGPA and sGPA will impact this choice as well. You need to be clearing a ~3.5 GPA for MD schools and probably at least ~3.2 for DO unless you're URM.
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