Advice on reapplying - where I went wrong and what to improve?

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Jun 5, 2022
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Hi all! I am currently sitting on the WL at my state school with no other II or MD A. With that being said, I am starting to think about whether I should reapply next cycle and would love some feedback/critique on my application and what I should work on improving at this time. I am a trad applicant, ORM, and Maryland resident.

This was my application last year:
  • 3.93 cGPA/3.84 sGPA
  • 510 (128/124/129/129) - I 100% agree that this could be so much better and am considering retaking but also worried about the possibility of doing worse...opinions on whether I should retake?
  • 3rd quartile CASPER
  • Clinical: 80 hours paid and 211 hours unpaid (MA intern & emergency dept volunteer)
  • Non-clinical: 164 hours as food bank volunteer, 365 as retail associate
  • Research: 214 hours
  • Leadership: Residential advisor (750 hours), 2 clubs in college (255 hours)
  • Tutoring: 142 hours
  • Shadowing: 156
  • Speak 3 languages - English, German, Farsi (lived in Germany during high school)
  • LOR: committee letter that "highly recommend[ed]" me, 2 STEM prof, humanities professor, PI
  • Primary + Secondary essays were reviewed by several people including pre health committee (primary only)
If I reapply I will also have:
  • 2000+ clinical hours through job in clinical research
  • non-clinical volunteering (~150 hours) supporting low income residents in my city
  • Research publication as first author
  • Higher MCAT?? if I decide to retake that is..
I guess I am wondering where I went wrong and what I should focus on improving within these next few months? Thanks!!

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What was your school list? Did you apply late?

For starters, rewrite all essays and have multiple eyes vet them. Also work on interview skills.

lso work errier
Should have included this, sorry.
  • GWU
  • Wake Forest
  • Georgetown
  • Wisconsin
  • Geisinger
  • Drexel
  • Tulane
  • MCW
  • Temple
  • Brown
  • Larner UVM
  • PSU
  • Quinnipiac
  • Maryland
  • Albany
Primary was approved July 14th I think and then secondaries were usually completed anywhere from 1-4 weeks after receiving them but last one was sept 5th.

Do you think it was my MCAT that hurt me? i.e. should I retake it?
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Do not retake the MCAT. Having more clinical and non-clinical hours is good. Your list of schools was short and included some schools that weren't a fit (Brown, Geisinger, Wisconsin and Maryland depending on your state of residence)

I suggest:

Your state school
Wake Forest
Penn State
Rosalind Franklin
Hackensack (you will need a physician letter for them and DO schools)
Nova MD
Belmont (if it opens up)
Wayne State

Also apply DO. You are competitive for all of them and I suggest:

KCOM (Kirksville)
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Hoping your in-state goes to an A. Unless we get more insight to your pitch for mission fit, there's not a great way to advise you on what to change. Keep banking the experience hours, review and revise your essays, and ask your prehealth committee what they suggest. Only retake the MCAT if you think you can significantly improve > +3 points overall. Prepare for PREview and Casper.
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