Jan 12, 2010
I've posted almost the same thread by accident.
Very sorry for the confusion... I found out that I can't delete threads,
so if anyone who looked at any of my posts, please give me some advice.
Thanks to all of you, wish the best for you guys.

My current status is: a Junior student majoring in Molecular and cellular biology.. I'm an international student and also a transfer student(from a 4 yr college in the states), so I haven't taken too much advanced bio classes.
I'm taking cell/tissue development and physiology right now. I've taken molecular genetics, some basic biology courses, g.chem & orgo I, II..

I am currently taking the kaplan course but haven't actually got digging down deep into the material just yet. Actually, I have no clue why but one of my pre-health advisor told me that I have to wait 30 days before I can retake my DAT. So initially I planned to take my DAT late may and retake if I need to around late june.

However, recently I noticed that it is actually 90 days....
I know this was really my bad, but I wanted to seek for some advice here.

1. If you were in my shoes, how would you plan on taking the DAT? btw, I'm taking only 14 hours of credit this semester. Would you try taking the DAT early(w/ prep for only about a month or two-early may or late april) and leave a chance for another exam if necessary? or would you just go straight down for one shot- around mid/late June?

2. I heard that AADSAS and ADA is running the process together(?) and that the official DAT score reports do not take like 3~4weeks to get to each schools, rather, the official scores are reported right away. Is this information true?

I would really appreciate any suggestions for my decision making. Thanks!
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