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Advice Requested From Those More Experienced


Full Member
10+ Year Member
Nov 17, 2006
Richmond, VA
  1. Medical Student
First of all, let me preface this by saying that I'm starting med school next year and am looking for advice from people who have already gone through the entire process.

I've narrowed down my options to two schools which are pretty much equal in everything except tuition (about a $80K difference over 4 years). I love the more expensive school and would go there without even thinking about it were it not for the money.

In the long run, after all is said and done - is it worth $80k to go to the school you prefer? :scared:

Winged Scapula

Staff member
Volunteer Staff
Apr 9, 2000
  1. Attending Physician
Are they really "pretty much equal" or is there a significant difference between the two?

If the former is true, and you could be happy at the cheaper school, I'd choose that one. But if there is a significant difference, including the fact that you are pretty sure you would be happier at the more expensive one, I'd go there. $80,000 difference is nothing to sneeze at and IMHO, its only worth it if there is some reason why the more expensive school would be better for you.


Full Member
10+ Year Member
Sep 28, 2006
The Hub
  1. Resident [Any Field]
You need to do what is going to make you happy. Will that be going to expensive school? Or will being 80K less in debt make you happy? Different people have different priorities, and you need to figure those out for yourself--we can not do that for you! ;)

FWIW, this topic in every variation has been covered in every sector of this board, and I am guessing that your rationale for posting this in the Internship forum is so that people who have "done the process" would be more likely to read it, but I still think you would have better luck posing in the pre-allo forum. Or you could read any of the other posts on similar topics for some advice, however you will not likely get much useful information, since this is a decision you have to make for yourself.


There are more if you look. Good luck with whatever you decide! :luck:
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Here's my opinion...

You think you might be happier at the more expensive program, but you really don't have any idea. Predicting the future ain't easy.

On the other hand, you know you'll be $80,000 less in debt by attending the cheaper school.

To me it's a tremendously easy choice...
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