Advisor Release on AMCAS

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Mar 27, 2024
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Hi guys,

Does anyone know how the advisor release works on amcas? Am I able to change it after I submitted? Does my advisor get instantly notified when I submit? Are they able to review all aspects of my application? Any details on how this works would be great!

Long story short, I was working on my personal statement with my pre-med advisor for about a month now and at the same time, I had also been working on my personal statement with a close family friend of mine who is an admissions officer. This leaves me with two personal statements and I ultimately prefer the one with the admissions officer because it is complete and I have gotten very positive feedback on it.

The personal statement with my pre-med advisor is incomplete and he still wants to work on it. My entire application is complete except for this personal statement and I need my pre-med advisor for my commitee letter and I don't want to rub him the wrong way.

I really just want to submit and get this process over with. Any advice?

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