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Sep 24, 2002
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So I was just reading through some of these messages reminiscing about my old premed days. Anyways, I have a funny story about a friend of mine who interviewed at Einstein. Basically, a lot of people (minorities, especially) I know had a tough time with Einstein interviews. So a friend of mine, who is definitely a minority lol, had heard this and decided to try something out. He wore a yamakah (sp?) to the interview and told his interviewer that he was in the process of converting to Judaism. My friend claims that his interviewer immediately lightened up, and it was a completely lighthearted process after (they talked about family, sports, etc, etc). I forgot to mention that my friend was definitely NOT converting lol and had no intention to at all. Anyways, he got an acceptance letter, but turned it down for another school. If you knew this guy, you'd peg him right away as being someone who would do something as absurd as that. I guess he was just annoyed that so many well qualified students were having problems in their Einstein interviews. Oh well. I wouldn't recommend trying this. Be yourself, blah, blah. It works. Well, for most people except a friend of mine
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Apr 28, 2002
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Yeah... I couldn't decide what to wear to one of my interviews so I just showed up naked... I told them I was in the process of starting a nudist colony but that I forgot to mention it in my AMCAS...

Haven't heard back from them yet.... ;)
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