AEGD Program and Chances

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May 15, 2018
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I never really thought about doing an AEGD until a few weeks ago so haven't gotten a chance to build up my resume. I haven't done research but volunteered here and there. My GPA is okay. I'm not top of my class or have gotten an award or anything. In which AEGD programs would I have the best chance of getting in. I mainly am looking to build self-confidence and do alittle bit of everything.

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Check out the AEGD program at Roseman University in Salt Lake City, UT. It’s technically an NYU - Langone branch. I know the faculty there and they seem to do a bit and are always busy. Generally 1 week a month is dedicated to OS taking on the more difficult cases. I don’t think they care about class ranking, research, etc.
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I don't think you really need to be top of class etc to get into an AEGD. maybe for the really good ones but basically everyone I know that applied got into one.

The question is more which one is worth going to than if you will get in
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Which ones would you say is worth going to? Or if this is better to answer: which ones are not worth going to?