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  1. D

    Why do an AEGD in 2024 Best option for you?

    Hello everybody: Check out my program to see if we are the best option for you. Our 5th annual YouTube video opens on July 8 - 6pm central Residents share their work Dr Kiera Powell - U of Michigan DrTyler Powell- U of Michigan Dr Caleb Murray - UMKC Dr McKay Jensen - Virginia Commwealth...
  2. D

    My experience at the San Antonio V.A. AEGD (South Texas)

    As someone who was frustrated with how little there is on the internet about AEGD/GPR programs when I was applying, I wanted to “give back” to SDN and touch on my experience at the San Antonio Veterans Affairs AEGD (South Texas V.A.). Skills learned: Plan, place, and restore implants...
  3. T

    What is your experience with your VA Veteran Administration AEGD program?

    Alabama (Birmingham) - V.A. Medical Center, Birmingham / Advanced Education in General Dentistry (12 months) Arkansas (Fayetteville) - V.A. Medical Center, Fayetteville / Advanced Education in General Dentistry (12 months) California (Long Beach) - V.A. Long Beach Healthcare System/Tibor Rubin...
  4. S

    AEGD Program and Chances

    Hi, I never really thought about doing an AEGD until a few weeks ago so haven't gotten a chance to build up my resume. I haven't done research but volunteered here and there. My GPA is okay. I'm not top of my class or have gotten an award or anything. In which AEGD programs would I have the...
  5. J

    AEGD Programs

    Hey guys! I'm a D3 and i'm considering applying to some AEGD programs. I know some programs are heavily esthetic/pros-focused and some other programs focus on surgical procedures and perio surgeries, implants, etc. I'm looking for a program that is more focused on teaching...
  6. Nelson5463500

    Taking the CDCA Dental exam in the first year of a 2 year AEGD program

    Hi All, Hopefully I posted this question in the right place. I am an international dentist. I have passed the NBD 1&2 boards, and I am in the first year of two year AEGD program in NYC. I plan to practice in Florida, and I have set the date to take the ADEX Dental Exam in the coming months...
  7. P does it work?

    Curious to know about the post match experience. I didn't apply to any residency programs, but I am now thinking about post matching. I called the national match services and they told me when post match becomes available I can directly contact schools that may have positions. So, here are my...
  8. gage1124

    AEGD Recommendations

    Hello all!! I'm wrapping up my 3rd year of dental school and plan to apply this summer to AEGD programs. I've gone through the list of programs on the ADEA PASS site and visited the links given, but there just isn't much information on most of the programs. I was hoping to hear from some AEGD...
  9. K

    ***Official 2018 GPR/AEGD Interviews/Match/Non-Match Results

    Post any updates about GPR/AEGD residency programs here. :) --interview dates --application statuses --any information you want to share --questions, etc. I didn't see anything started yet, but they started one of these around this time last year. Good luck everyone!
  10. D

    AEGD / GPR Information

    As a former resident, I would like to share my experience at the San Antonio VA AEGD directed by Dr. Alan Scott Douglas. My intention is not to solely promote this one residency, but also to inform those interested in completing an AEGD/GPR of what can be accomplished in an additional year of...
  11. B

    GPR/AEGD Programs

    I know this topic has been discussed in various forums in the past, but I wanted to bring it up again to view more current opinions. I am a 3rd-year dental student who is interested in a GPR/AEGD residency. I've read about the pros/cons and questions to ask, but is there any way to view all the...
  12. A

    aegd/ gpr

    any idea of how early we could start applying for next cycle through PASS? AEGD or GPR programs
  13. DDSNY15

    Marquette University AEGD program 2016-2017

    Hello, Everyone! This is for all of those interested in Marquette University AEGD program 2016-2017 cycle. This program uses various application forms. (PASS, CAAPID) with different submission dates. So when asking about it refered to your application form weather PASS/CAAPID/ANY...
  14. DDSNY15

    Rochester AEGD International Program 2016

    Hello, Everyone! Started this post for those that want to post about Rochester AEGD international program 2016 Invitations/ rejections/ accommodations and everything else. Best of Luck
  15. A

    Applying to paid AEGD/GPR - No funding no green card - only J1 visa , help

    Hi guys, If any of you can help, i would appreciate your opinion or any suggestion. I posted this as a comment in another thread about AEGD programs for FTD, but I wish you that know more about this process could give me some advice. I am currently living in the US with a J1 visa, I am a postdoc...
  16. D

    University of New England College of Dental Medicine AEGD (GME/PGY 1)

    There is a new AEGD (US and Canadian grads. only) at the University of New England in Portland Maine.
  17. 4

    How is the UT Health Science Center San Antonio-Dental School AEGD Residency ?

    I wanted to find out if I could get the opinion of a current resident or recent graduate of their experience and outlook on the program. I want to know what the faculty-resident relationship is like? How much guidance and reassurance is provided. What are the cons to the program? How many...
  18. W

    Florida institue for advance dental edycation

    Hello, I wanted to know if anybody had applied for "Florida institue for advance dental education"(community simle center) in Miami Florida ? Did they start sending invitations ? Thank you

    AEGD/GPR Programs for Foreign Trained Dentists 2016

    As a foreign trained dentist I had to do quite a bit of research to be able to apply to all these programs. This is a list of programs I was able to find that accepted foreign graduates. Although this list is current and accurate for the application year 2016-2017, I reccomend doing your own...