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Jan 24, 2024
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Shingle Springs Health & Wellness Center AEGD PROGRAM (Near Sacramento)

We are part of the NYU Langone family and have been training residents for the past eight years.
California - Shingle Springs Health and Wellness Center - AEGD (
We offer training in implant placement, restoration, digital printing, surgical extractions, intraoral scanning, and treatment of patients of all ages at our Tribal Health Clinic. We also have a part-time orthodontist who provides mentorship for our residents. Please apply through PASS if interested.

Dr. Morgan
AEGD Site Director

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I really like NYU AEGD programs across the country. These programs excel in shaping proficient general dentists, cultivating future practice owners, and even fostering specialists. The hands-on experience they provide stands in stark contrast to the somewhat insulated environments of D3/D4 experiences. However, the biggest enemy of these AEGD or GPR programs is the dental school tuition. a lot of fresh graduates just cant wait and get started working for DSO, pushing their skills and paying back their student loans. But in the long run, a one-year residency would help young dentists a lot.