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Oct 27, 2009
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Hey all,
I am trying to decide whether to accept an AF spot at USUHS this fall. I have been getting a ton of useful info from these forums, but right now, my biggest question is about life after USUHS, particularly in regards to specialties.

From what I understand, AF has the fewest residency spots available. How does that affect your choice of specialty? Do most grads end up getting the specialty that they want? If not, would they have in another branch? Obviously, if everybody wants to do neurosurg or plastics or whatever, some people wont get it, but is it particularly bad in AF?

Do AF grads end up doing GMOs to get in to their desired specialty? Of course, it's very early in the game for me, and I have little idea what I would want to do (I'm liking gen surg and cardiology right now, but that could/will prob change). But basically, are AF GMOs common?

But the main thing I want to avoid is losing out on a specialty that I love, and getting forced in to something that I'm just OK with. Any and all opinions welcomed! Thanks