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Feb 5, 2004
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Hey folks, I'm a lowly sub M1, but I just got my first (of hopefully several) acceptances, to Albany Medical College, and I'm looking to talk with any students on here who go there, or could point me on the way to somebody who does. Because I don't know poop about this place in the frigid tundra where I may possibly spend the next four years of my life.
Oh yeah, now that I'm in, I have to worry about doing it, huh? So, what's it like? Advice will be hugely appreciated, as I'm now starting to have nightmares.
So, Albany info and how not to screw it up info will be helpful


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Mar 4, 2004
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hey congrats! i got into albany med under the union medical program and the biggest thing that ive seen about and heard of albany is the satisfaction from the students and the fact that they are happy with their decision...while some may have said that the people who end up at albany had no where else to go, i doubt i matters because in the end theyre still passing their usmles and ending up in one of their top three residency choice anyway!
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