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Nov 22, 2007
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To all Medical Students, Physicians (Residents/Attendings/Fellows), please note that the "Doctorate in Nursing" programs are forging ahead. What does this mean to you?

Basically, a nurse will be able to introduce himself/herself as "Doctor". When is the last time your patient asked you whether you were really a Doctor (unless you were a Medical Student)?

This is an impending deception, and we have to alert the public. I've emailed ABC News, and plan on e-mailing the other major News networks.

Most importantly, we need to do this in unison and en masse. The implications of this are profound if you think about it.

The reason Medicine is always "whipped" by Politicians and Lawyers is because we don't stick together. This is another assault on our field, and take the small amount of time to e-mail someone, somebody. Just make your voice be heard, that's all. You pay your taxes, make sure the Politicians earn their pay.
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