All- B Cell Or T Cell Neoplasm?

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Jan 13, 2007
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am gettin confused
is Acute lymphoblastic leukemia b cell or t cell neoplasm or both?

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B cells generally I think, but UWorld had that ******ed question about how if its mediastinal its more likely T cells. In any case, probably won't be tested on.
Yea, mostly B-cell, and T-cell if mediastinal. Look for CD10 negative and TdT positive for T-cell ALL, while B-cell is CD10 positive and TdT positive. As said already, probably won't be tested.
I read around 5% of them are T cell - so could possibly come up but not likely. But if they want to give you that question they have to give away the answer by giving you the CD markers or, yeah, an obvious ALL and a bunch of mediastinal obstruction signs.