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All Female Future Surgeons Must Read!

Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by Future Surgeon, Apr 1, 2001.

  1. Future Surgeon

    10+ Year Member

    Aug 18, 2000
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  3. Thanks for the link. The Assoc was kind enough to send me an updated copy when I requested it and even asked "how many" copies I wanted - ie, if I wanted extra for friends, etc. I thought that quite generous.

    To be frank, I'm not sure a lot of the guide was particularly useful - some of it was just basic common sense (ie, eat/sleep/urinate when you can; keep feminine products available when on call, etc.), some of it was "macho" (don't let patients dissuade you from the task at hand - learning to be a surgeon), and some of it was written when there were far fewer female residents.

    However, I still highly recommend it just with the caveats above. Its a good place to start and worth the read through at least once.
  4. RDJ


    I would just like to humbling express my best wishes to all the women on this board who are pursuing careers in medicine. I once had a friend who told me that her uncle, who is an orthopedic surgeon, said that when he looked for residents he wanted them to be, "male, young and unmarried." His argument was that they would be stronger and have fewer distractions. Personally, I am glad that his is a dying breed. However, we do have a little ways to go.
    Two of my greatest mentors to this point are female physicians; I expect to have many more along the way. For what it is worth...you all have one supporter/defender/fan, right here.

  5. tussy

    tussy Senior Member
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    Feb 12, 1999
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    Attending Physician
    Thanks for the link. I didn't know there was as association of women surgeons.


    Thankyou for your best wishes. HOwever, in my med school class women make up 54% of the class. Next year I will be a surgery resident in a program that is 50% women. Luckily those old surgeons like your friend's uncle are a dying breed.


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