MCAT All FS packages include archived content! 23 passages (and walkthroughs), plus 30 MCAT livestreams, for $24

Sep 12, 2020
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Hey everyone!

For anyone who purchases a Frameshift subscription, we’re currently including access to all of our archived content at that subscription level. For our $24/month plan, that means access to 23 previously-posted passages (and a strategy-focused walkthrough for each one), 30 MCAT-oriented livestreams, and 80 questions of the day, all available in your account immediately. For our $48/month plan, it also includes 13 guided exercises, 12 science diagrams, and review streams for every single one.

For all of our students, we include a month's worth of past livestreams, so you can access recent content as soon as you sign up or avoid missing a thing if you can’t make a stream.

And of course, we hold new livestreams every day, with upcoming topics including the Strecker and Gabriel syntheses, MCAT math shortcuts, and how to determine whether to revisit the passage or use your content knowledge for a given question.

Check out our free resources anytime at And good luck with your MCAT prep!

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