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Sep 12, 2020
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Hey everyone!

This isn't a discount per se, but at Frameshift MCAT, we regularly post either clips or full livestreams on crucial MCAT topics to our Youtube channel! Our most recent full livestream is one on linked genes and recombination frequency, where I cover everything you need to know about this often-confusing topic, from its relationship with meiosis to determining (from phenotype frequencies) whether two genes are linked, to the math the AAMC might ask you to do.

We just launched back in October, so we don't have a huge backlog of videos yet, but we try to post new, free videos nearly every day! Some other recent ones are:
  • a full walkthrough of a particularly beastly CARS passage
  • a data-heavy, honest breakdown of Caribbean med schools as a potential option
  • strategies on handling dense, acronym-packed science passages
  • multiple practice question walkthroughs
  • ...and plenty more!
Over time, we're looking to add more and more streams on key science concepts, strategy points, full passage breakdowns, and premed-relevant topics of interest.

Check it out or subscribe to get new free content often, or if you're interested in becoming a Frameshift student (and getting access to our full array of daily livestreams, plus questions, passages, live passage review sessions with longtime MCAT experts, and more), visit!

Have a lovely weekend :)
Sep 12, 2020
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Our most recent full livestream, posted yesterday, is a thorough review of the Doppler effect in the context of one of our weekly science diagrams! If the Doppler equation gives you trouble, check it out for our breakdown of how to approach this phenomenon logically instead of trying to memorize it.

Or if you aren't in the mood to watch a video (or haven't covered Doppler yet), check out the science diagram on our website! You can download a free PDF that you can save and use anytime here:

Have a lovely Wednesday!
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