Jan 3, 2010
Hi Everyone!

I am an Allied Health Sciences Major. I was wondering if \Allied Health Sciences classes are considered science under science GPA. All of the Allied Classes are under the Program Agriculture and Natural Resources at my university.

On the ADEA AADSAS General Instructions Booklet it states as other science classes as:
Agriculture Animal Sciences Astronomy Audiology Clinical Sciences Dental Hygiene Nutrition Engineering Health Technology Geology Kinesiology Mathematics Nursing Physical Sciences Plant Sciences Sports Sciences

But I am still unclear...
Thank You!!
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Feb 1, 2008
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When inputting these courses into AADSAS, I would put them under "other science" and just keep my fingers crossed (assuming you did well in them). All of my Respiratory Therapy courses counted as other science and impacted my sGPA, and you don't see that under their list of "other sciences", I use that example because RT courses are allied health.

Worst thing that could happen is they just decide to re-label those classes as non-science and calculate your GPA as they see fit.