Alternative Routes Into Medicine In Australia?

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Jul 28, 2016
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Hello All,

I graduated high school from another country. And I'm industrial engineer now. But I'd like to be a doctor so I am trying to get into medical school but have a very low GPA (Range: 2.30/ 5 out of 7). I have not taken the GAMSAT or MCAT yet but am planning to very soon and am preparing for it.

I have looked into masters program in an effort to increase my chances of getting into a medical school. Does getting a masters in this heighten my chances of getting into a medical school?

If not, what kind of careers are there and what is the job outlook for a masters in this?

Are there Post-Baccalaureate programs or special master programs for getting into medicine school in Australia? And Is it possible to get into medical school with Msc's GPA?

Thanks in advance :)

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I don't think it matters where you graduated high school from as long as you have a bachelor's degree. With that said, I'm not sure what your 2.30 is out of, because if it's out of 4.0, I highly doubt it would correspond to a 5/7 on the Australian scale.

If you do indeed have a GPA of 5/7 on the Australian scale, then you'd be eligible to apply to the schools that have minimum GPA requirements of 5.0. If you do well on your MCAT or GAMSAT, and you apply to schools that look at GPA as a hurdle, then you'd have a fairly good shot at receiving an interview (or an offer if they don't have interviews, like UQ).

Otherwise, as far as I know, you're unfortunately ineligible to apply to any med school in Australia with an undergraduate GPA below 5/7.

In regard to doing a master's/post-pac/etc., have you made the effort to find what each uni's policy is? It's really simple so I would suggest you try looking for the info yourself first. Just go to the entry requirements for each school and read what's on there. Here's the policy for UQ, Flinders, and UWA to get you started.