Am I Being Realistic?

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Dec 7, 2010
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So I graduated with a Bachelor's in Psychology from James Madison University last Spring with a 3.3 Cummulative GPA (3.6 major gpa) with a strong upward trend (freshman and sophomore year I had around a 2.7). I have significant research experience in college and am now working full time as a research assistant.
I also have significant volunteer work and leadership experience, and plan on doing significant hospital volunteering or physician shadowing before applying anywhere. I wasn't premed undergraduate and didn't take any bio/chem/physics/math, which is why I am starting a premed postbacc program this Spring to complete all my premed sciences.
I know my GPA is fairly low right now, but I'm figuring that if I continue on this upward trend and get high science gpa and mcat score (I think I can manage a 3.7sgpa/32mcat) I'll have a decent chance at MD schools. Does this seem realistic? Thanks for the help!

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You need about 60 units with a 4.0 (if you have a 3.3 w/the standard 120 unit bachelors) to get that up to a 3.58, which is still below average. A strong MCAT score and the upward trend in the sciences could land you an acceptance.

Like I said in the other thread, you're okayish right now for DO schools, but even when the time comes to apply, I suggest a healthy MD/DO mix of applications.
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