Am I In Trouble?

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Oct 11, 2022
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I took the MCAT 2x.

April 2022: 509 (127/125/126/131)
September 2022: 513 (130/124/128/131)

I am happy with my improved score. I improved in Biology and Chemistry and maintained my 131 in Psychology. However I’m worried about my CARS score being below 125. I really don’t want to take the MCAT again as I don’t think that I can get a significantly better score.

My activity hours (volunteering, clinical experience, etc.) are super competitive. My GPA is 3.97.

Am I in trouble with my 124 CARS score? Will it greatly hinder my chances?

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A 124 CARS will not exclude you from MD. Some schools will have autoscreen minimum subsections which you will want to find out before applying. You should still see love assuming you apply early, have good LORs, write well, and have a good school list.
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