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Jun 24, 2006
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I follow the EK suggestion of doing every 3rd Qs/passage, and I try to do the thing along with other VR exercises, practice tests, and summer job, and I only finished 1/3 of the books, but it's almost a month now! :eek: I'm not sure if with this pace, whether I can finish the books by the August exam! Anyone feels thesame way?

How long does it take you guys to finish all 4 books of 1001s and the 101?

How many days do you need to finish 1/3 of the book or how many days do you think is recommended?

I'm wondering if I should speed myself up.. Do you aim to finish all the books by test day?

:eek: :scared:


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May 4, 2006
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I've currently powered through all of physics, chemistry (org and gen) and am on the 600th question in bio.

General chem and organic chem can each be done in 4-5 days. Physics took me much longer, as the questions require more specific calculation..rather than just general knowledge.

Biology can go pretty quickly too...but the questions are written strangely and from random topic areas despite the indexing.
I'm not a fan of whoever wrote the biology passages to be exact. I doubt the mcat will be anything like that, and it just seems really disorganized. Plus sometimes, there will be like 20 questions on a single fact...and some other major topics that are completely untouched.

Regardless...having finished most of the questions, i can safely say that i have a LOT more studying to do. So you may want to pick up the pace a bit.


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May 7, 2006
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Instead of doing every 3rd passage, change a topic a day (so, do 101, 201, 301... 901, then 102, 103, etc.).

That way, even if you don't get through all of it, you'll have at least practiced all the topics.
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