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Nov 20, 2001
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Hi everyone,

I'm a med student north of the border but would like to keep my options open for doing a residency in the US. The main problem up here is that there is almost a "residency crisis" where we have a nearly exact 1:1 ratio of applicants to spots. If our government keeps dragging their feet on this issue (by increasing med school spots without increasing # residency spots), there may come a time in the next few years where people graduate from med school and won't have a residency spot!

With that said....How can I keep myself eligible for the US scramble in the event I don't match up here?

Is it possible for me to apply through NRMP for American residencies, interview, not rank any programs and try to scramble IF I don't get into the residency I want up here?

The problem here is that if the US match happens first (which it will this year I think), I would get withdrawn from our match north of the border (at least that's how I understand it). So in summary, I'd like to try for a spot up here and use the US as a backup (without matching in the first round). Is this doable? (Immigration issues don't apply to me cause I have rights in the US, and I am interested in FP so I'm not worried about competitive residencies or anything like that)

Winged Scapula

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Apr 9, 2000
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If it is true that the US match is before CARMS next year (ie, for residencies starting in 2005), then it would be possible to not submit a ROL and scramble for a spot should you not match into Canada. The scramble usually occurs in late March - would you have heard from CARMS by then?

I'm assuming when you say you're interested in the match "this year" you really mean for positions starting next year.


You didnt build thaT
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Oct 3, 2003
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Tons of FP spots do not fill. Check out www.scutwork.com for the unfilled spots last year. Quite substantial.

My guess is that you'll be fine once you trudge through the logistics of moving to another country. Don't forget to call a few residencies and ask their thoughts. It won't hurt you.
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