Am I too behind?

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Nov 27, 2009
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I took bio ( got an A ), and gen chem ( got a C) freshman year, but had no interest in medicine back then. Spring semester took all gen eds. And now as a sophomore i declared myself a biology major with pre-med.

I am taking Calc, Evolution, and General Bio 2 as my science courses this semester. I can pull at least an A- in all these classes. Next semester I will be taking Calc 2, Gen Chem, a plant bio course and Genetics.

I'm hoping to take orgo 1 and physics 1 fall semester junior year, and orgo 2 and physics 2 spring semester junior year. Will i be able to do well on the MCAT if i'm not finished with my pre-med requirments by then?

Furthermore I have no research expirence whatsoever, although I have a little shadowing which was my inspiration for choosing this carrer.I have no idea where to begin?

3.64 GPA for my freshman year.

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You'll be fine! Just get good grades to keep up your science GPA.
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Dont take the MCAT until you have all the prereqs under your belt.

Your GPA is fine; just try and get it up some.

Also, start some volunteering with patients contact. You will need at least a yr to two yrs with around 150+hrs. I would also work on non-med volunteering.

Work in shadowing too. Try to tutor, get some leadership, and research too!
If you get an A in Chem II, it will help the negative impression you leave with that C in Chem I. If you didn't understand the material of Chem I, conisider retaking it, as you need to know it well to get a good score on the MCAT.

Organic Chem II isn't so important to doing well on the MCAT, but Physics II is. You might be fine taking the MCAT toward the end of the semester when you're in those classes.
I would suggest taking the MCAT in June and applying to AMCAS in early June....MCAT score will be back before August when most schools start looking over apps for the new cycle as the current one matriculates...

that way you will have more time to study just for the MCAT and have those prereqs out of the way and fresh.

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