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Mar 6, 2001
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Has anyone applied for an AMCAS fee waiver. I did and I cannot get a straight answer out of the people that work in that office. I filled out the online portion, and mailed in all supporting documents. I called about 2 weeks later and was told that nothing had been received.

So, then I faxed everything and called to see if all documents had been received...their arrival was confirmed, but that was early May and when I called the other day I was told that processing had been halted and had actually begun a few days ago! So, bascially, they could not find me in the computer or confirm that they had all necessary materials.

I am so pissed. I am taking the MCAT in August and I am trying to hear notification from AMCAS because if you get an AMCAS fee waiver, you'll also get an MCAT reduction. Maybe it's my fault for not applying earlier, but why can't I even get a straight answer out of these people? Is anyone else out there as frustrated as me? Or, does anyone want to make me mad and let me know that they already have one! :mad:
Just kidding, but I would appreciate any feedback.