AMCAS Has Baylor Grading Scale Wrong....

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Jul 13, 2001
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I just received an email from AMCAS in response to my inability to enter in a B+ grade, and their response was "per information given, Baylor does not have pluses in their grading scale." THIS IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG!!!! I emailed the Pre-Med director at Baylor, but is there anything else I can do??? HELP, HELP, HELP!!!

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Did you get any A-'s? or B-'s ? maybe it will end up in your favor!'s just pluses here....
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any ideas????
you could try e-mailing the registrar at baylor since they are probably the ones who give the info to amcas.

perhaps you should call amcas -- i always have better luck over the phone. they should be able to give you an idea of how to get the problem fixed.