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Dec 26, 2001
Not where I wanna be
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I am trying to pay amcas a large chunk of money for my app and it keeps saying my credit card is expired. However, I know that it is not. Also there are several stores that I have shopped at recently that would beg to differ. Did anyone have a similar problem. What I am doing wrong or is amcas just messed up right now.+pissed+


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Jun 11, 2002
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When I first submitted my app, I had problems paying too. I tried to pay with the telecheck thingy but it wouldn't accept it, so I just used a credit card instead. :rolleyes:


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Jan 28, 2002
New York
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try another card?
are you typing in the right expiration date?
i know its obvious, but I cant think of anything else it could be.
g'luck though
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