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Sep 2, 2001
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I have a huge problem. Today I checked the AMCAS web site and it says that processing was complete and I could print my application to check my grades.

To my shock, my science GPA was significantly lower because a semester and a half worth of classes was not verified by AMCAS. The overall GPA was the same. It looked like someone just stopped in the middle of the verification process and listed my application as complete.

Anyone have this problem? Does AMCAS just go home at night with an application halfway completed???


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May 13, 2002
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never heard of that happening unless there was a problem with the transcripts. i'd call right away if you haven't already.
best of luck,


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Nov 20, 2001
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ouch, I am so sorry to hear that. :(

First thing you gotta do is call AMCAS. They have these specialists that you can talk to about your application that actually call your home (yeap, got that right. AMCAS calls YOU!). I had them call my home for a problem I was having prior to verification. there's anotehr button on your screen on the left hand side where you can click and add any changes you want to have made to yor application. Basically, if you wanna appeal. Look for that and submit that request for them to take another look at your app. It may cost you some time, but atleast you will have a higher GPA!!
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