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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by C U in MD school, Jun 27, 2001.

  1. C U in MD school

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    Jun 7, 2001
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    What are we supposed to write in this stupid section? ahhh, I want to be rich, have a nice car, date models... come on. what do they want from us? what did you all right about? pls share ur wisdom. :D
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  3. EMDrMoe

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    Mar 15, 2001
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    Lol, I wouldn't call my AMCAS advice wisdom these days, but I'll give you a suggestion :p

    Sit and think for a few minutes. Picture yourself in 10 years - getting out of bed, into the shower, etc. Were would you like to be going? Do you put on scrubs? A suit? Jeans to work in the home office? A lab coat? Do you have to get the kids off to school?

    My first job out of grad school was one I HATED. By the end of month 9 or so, I would cry when the alarm went off. When you hear that annoying sound, what would make you crack a smile (or almost, if you're not a morning person) at 6 am? Sometimes it's easier to know what you don't want to do, and it will help you narrow things down. This isn't a written contract, and in order for you to jump through all of the hoops, deep down, there's a desire to do something somewhat specific.
  4. sandflea

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    Jun 23, 2001
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    i just wrote about what field i was interested in pursuing and what experiences led me to choose that field. so i made sure that i didn't go into too much detail about this in my personal statement so that i would have something in-depth to talk about in this vision essay. i didn't think this essay was very long and i filled up the allotted character requirement without too much trouble. i'd say to not think too hard about this one--i put a lot more time into my personal statement.

    if you have an idea of what you'd like to do, write about that and why you want to do it. if you have no clue what you want to do, then write about that--i'm sure no one expects you to have your life planned out just yet.

    i'd probably leave out the part about dating models. :D

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