American or Canadian pharmacy?

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Apr 17, 2008
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There are 2 Pharmacy schools in Ontario - U of T and Waterloo. I just got into U of T. And I know that U of T is extremely competitive. This year there were 1600 applicants or so. Some years there are close to 2000 applicants. I think this years entering class had a cumulative university average of 83. Also, high school marks are NOT weighed into your GPA calculation. You need to take quite a few university level courses to get in. For U of T, the requirements are in the transitional stage because they are moving from the UTPAT to the PCAT. By the time you're in university, you will need to complete 2 years of university, along with required courses. The Pharmacy site explains everything, so you should read all the info there [everything you need to know is there].

Note: I am NOT saying that high school courses don't matter because you need a good average to get into university. I am saying that marks don't stop at high school.
Like OverTheCounter said, it seems that UofT is placing more emphasis on academic knowledge by using the PCAT instead of the UTPAT (which was basically a written interview). It is anticipated that in the 2010 admission cycle, the prerequisites will require usually at least 2 years of university.

Try to work hard and improve your marks in high school, but don't get discouraged if you aren't top of your class. Although you need to submit your high school transcript to UofT, they look at your university marks. Go to a university that you like and study in a program that you like (while taking the prerequisites) and work hard. I'm sure you'll get in. :)