An Admissions Committee View of Rejected Applicants


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Aug 7, 2006
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I was looking over the forumns at Kevin MD and found a qoute from someone from the Admissions Committee at some U.S. School:

Here is what they wrote involving expanding U.S. Medical School enrollment:

"I am on the admissions committee of my medical school. Our school was asked to increase enrollment and the school said yes.

Against my protest WE ARE REALLY STARTING TO SCRAPE THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL to fill the spots."

And for those in the Carribean or Germany, or whatever:

Of course I would be for revoking licensure for clearly "substandard doctor" including those from "Tijuana tech" if they were substandard.

So what is your point? Oh I forgot, you don't have one. That is why usually no one bothers to comment on your stupid postings.

**********So, would we call ourselves bottom of the barrel? Now wonder why the process is so screwed up*******************


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Aug 22, 2006
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Unfortunately, just because you didn't get in the first time around, doesn't mean you weren't suitable, or qualified. By the nature of the process, there are many qualified applicants who do not receive an acceptance each year. It's a game, and there are many components to the admissions game, some of which include timing, luck, your approach, and intangible factors. If you weren't exactly competitive on your first try, you do not have some kind of incurable disease, or are suddenly a flawed individual. Not at all. I recommend shifting from that mindset, as it is haphazard and hinders your future application process. There are things you can do to create a 180 degree turn about, especially if you receive direct feedback from adcomms about what may be amiss in your application. It can be done, and don't let anyone convince you that you are "bottom of the barrel." Once you get into medical school, the slate is reset, so to speak.


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Oct 31, 2006
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This is me not getting excited about an anonymous comment on an anonymous blog making claims about lack of merit among unaccepted med school applicants: :sleep:

This is me not believing the anonymous commenter is on a relevant med school's admissions committee: :laugh:

This is me going back to fixing my GPA: :scared:
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