Reapplying to schools I was rejected post II

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Apr 17, 2023
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On November of 2022 I started applying. Obviously it was really late so I did all DO. Applied to like 16 schools and I interviewed 14 of them. Most throughout Dec-Feb. My result was 4 WL and 1 A. Most of my rejections are early in the cycle. By the time I got better at interviewing it was a little too late and I recieved mostly waitlists.

The 1 A is for a newer DO school. While I was fine going there, they don't qualify for federal aid. When I learned about PSLF, I realize I would be losing a ton of money going there if I do PSLF. Not even worth the extra year of attending salary. Also @Goro your points on my post really made me reconsidered.

The problem with reapplying is the little update I have to my application. Again, I interviewed this winter to early Spring. They have 0 incentive to offer me another interview after I prompty sperged out on each and every one of them. Not to mention the lack of change to my secondary. I also applied with median MD stats so I'm afraid my interviews might just be based off my stats and now they interviewed me I'm just damaged goods.

So if there's any adcom on this forum, I like some input.

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Which school is it? If Touro MT, you might as well attend.

If you received that many interviews, it is worth trying again. Please fill out the below template:

Since you said you had median stats for MD schools, you could also potentially apply to them if you have sufficient clinical experience and volunteering.
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Not being able to obtain federal loans is a perfectly valid reason to not attend a given school. Some of the newer DO schools seem to have fairly tenuous resources and clinical training opportunities, which may also give pause.

If I were you I would simply reapply. Schools want qualified candidates. The nuances of your particular situation during one cycle are unlikely to be of much concern to institutions that sift through thousands of applications year year.
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