Anatomy or Study for OAT (Advice)

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Sep 17, 2018
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So, currently I'm contemplating on taking anatomy in this summer rather than study for OAT. I originally was going to study for OAT this summer but with the coronavirus happening I've been hearing that anatomy in the summer is more easier than fall, apparently the professor is the only one who teaches it and is extremely tough. Also, the majority of people who take it fail. I'm not sure what to do. Also, I was wondering if I need Anatomy for optometry school? Some schools don't require it, but recommend it. But for sure I'm taking human physiology.

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Since most (all?) optometry schools teach some form of anatomy (i.e. neuroanatomy, gross anatomy, etc.), I recommend taking anatomy during undergrad, since it will give you a foundation of what you'll need to know in optometry school (Source: optometrist/students that I shadowed recommended me to take anatomy courses).
Anatomy is surely a good class to have going into optometry school. I go to UMSL optometry and we took 3 anatomy courses in our first year, so it is a good idea to have as much exposure as you can. But, I think you should also try to take the OAT early in the cycle. Many schools have rolling admission so the earlier you apply the better your chances. So, if you think it is possible to take the class, but also study for the OAT that may be a good option.