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Sep 28, 2007
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9. structures in the investing layer of deep cervical fascia are trapezius, SCM, inf belly of omphyoid, sternothyroid or anterior sclane?(am confused ant he last 2 options)

.adopose tissue is found in the submucosa of palate in the... lateral to level of molars(ans??? is this correct...) , lateral to PM, rugae, incisive papilla, midline at the level of molars

2.prior to ovulation the pre ovulatory follicle produces , secretes large amt of estrogen, leutz. hormone, progrestrome

0.greater splanchnic nerve consists of which of the foll fibres.. symp fibers from the veterbral spinal level t5 to t9 , pregang. symp fibers from coelic ganglion, para symp fibers from vagus nerve

enaml rods converge as they pass from the DEJ to surface in area of .. cervical line(cl) of permanent or cl of primary , incisal edges , fissures

sliding movt of the TMJ occurs b/w dick and art. emminence or b/w mand heads and art. emminence

pregang nerve cell bodies for fibers that reach the otic ganglion are located in the inf salivatory nuc or sup salivatory nuc.


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Feb 3, 2007
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sliding movt occurs in upper compartment of between disc and mandibular head..
rotation in lower compartment...

adipose tissue in posterolateral part of hard palate..

sphlancnic nerves have fibres from t5 to t9...

before 2 ovulation, large amts of estrogen is secreted...

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Oct 6, 2006
the preganglionic fibers to otic ganglion ---inferior salivatory nucleus--glossopharyngeal

the preganglionic fibers to submand n sphenopalatine ganglion--superior salivatoryn--facial
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Feb 15, 2008
I think adipose tissue is in the ANTEROLATERAL area of the hard palate.
Correct me if wrong
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