Anesthesiology Atlas

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Sep 29, 2005
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I was seeing if anyone out there had the Anesthesiology Atlas authored by Miller. I read some about it on Elsevier website and looks like it would be a great resource. Anybody have any used version's out there? I think it is 8 volumes and they have it also on CD. I searched it on amazon and some other places but got basically no results. Heck, these places have almost everything used and they at most 1 volume. If anyone knows where I could this please let me know.

Gern Blansten

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Jun 21, 2006
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That set is more for show than for practical use in my opinion. Very overpriced(several hundred $$$ for the set). They would look nice on a shelf. Get Brown's atlas and compliment it with the NYSORA book on regional (I forgot the author's name). You will be much happier with your purchase and will save several hundred $$$.
I strongly urge you not to buy that set on faith without seeing it first. If you are a book collector, you may want it, which I would not argue with at all. It is a beautful set of books. If you are a practical person looking for a practical text, there are better and cheaper options.