animosity between plastic and general surgeons?

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Mar 21, 2006
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I was curious if anyone else has encountered this problem or if it is specific to my home institution. I decided recently on PRS, but am still undecided about going the integrative vs. independent route... I am a moderately competitive applicant. I was told by my adviser a general surgeon not to do a plastics rotation before residency interviews because general surgery programs will question your commitment to general, but at the same time, the plastic surgeon I've worked with recommends doing a rotation in plastics before interviews to show your commitment to plastics. Furthermore, the PRS surgeon recommends keeping quiet about persuing the plastics route to all the other general surgeons because they will not take you seriously anymore and your letters of rec will suffer as a result. Has anyone else experienced this animosity between plastic and general surgeons? If so what is the best way to go about applying to both integrative plastics and general surgery programs during the same year?

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This was certainly true in my residency program.

It was widely known that if you were a general surgery resident and interested in plastics, that you kept it quiet as long as possible because once you announced your intentions, the gen surg faculty essentially lost interest in teaching you.:rolleyes:
Not to be contrary, but I had the opposite experience. In my program, most everyone was very supportive. It's probably best to go with the approach that best fits your institution.
While I respect Moravian's experience (even if he is a craniofacial weenie), most of the folks that I know who've gone through the Independent route tell me that it's best to go undercover and not let your Plastician-leanings be well-known.