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Nov 2, 2015
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Looking for some advice regarding my use of Anki during dedicated. I didn't do Zanki (really don't learn from the cloze style of card), so during M2, I basically combined a bunch of decks that fit my card learning style from resources that I liked (sketchy path/pharm/micro, pixorize, dorian anatomy, usmleRx flash facts physiology). Currently, my reviews take me about 5 hours per day. My question is would it be detrimental to now use u-world as my main learning tool and at least cap my old Anki reviews so that they only take about 2 hours? I was thinking of having a separate uncapped deck of U-World facts/review material I wasn't familiar with. I need to do two u-world blocks per day in order to finish before my exam, and idk if doing 5 hours+ of Anki per day on top of that is sustainable for 6-7 weeks.
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May 21, 2013
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So yeah, its not sustainable, ive been burning out on doing 1500 cards a day and 2 blocks of UWORLD. I use the postpone app to take a break from anki when its too much(normally every2 weeks). But the census is that UWORLD over anki if u want to do cards only do cards for UWORLD incorrect from repurposing zanki cards
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