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Jun 3, 2015
  1. Medical Student (Accepted)
    Gotta quick question for those who are religious Anki users.

    Anki has probably been the sole reason I've made it through first year so far and so I love using it. My question is about cloze vs basic cards. My deck is mostly made up of Cloze deletions which is how I can drill in facts at a quickly, my only concern is that I'm answering more on muscle memory rather than raw knowledge. Would it be more worth my while doing basic cards that are more question based rather than cloze deletions, or am I just burned out and being overly neurotic? Thanks!


    Akuma residency or bust!
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    Aug 5, 2012
      I've experienced both, but I prefer to make the basic cards. It becomes even more beneficial when you use multiple slides to make the question (put into the answer side/back side of the card or even citing the slide numbers). I was surprised at how many questions were similar to the ones on my exam.

      The close deletions seem to keep it only at the most basic level of understanding and it doesn't help with making connections to other materials. However, if you also make cards that integrated other slides, I think your comprehension of how to think of the material goes up.
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      Mar 27, 2017
      1. Medical Student
        Does anyone know how to see how many cards are in a specific deck? I want to know how many cards are in each deck, so I can try to figure out how many I need to look at each day. Thanks!
        In browse mode if you click on a deck it'll show in the header bar. Probably another way to do it but I just use that number and divide!
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