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Answering "Name professors you're interested in working with"


Full Member
May 7, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
As I'm pre-writing secondaries, this is an important question that keeps coming up for some schools--naming faculty you'd like to work with.

Is it really so simple? Just name the area of interest (which flows with my essays) and then pick faculty?

Or do I have to be more detailed?

Pages with faculty do a better job of naming faculty rather than showing activity. And naming inactive faculty is, I've heard, a red flag. Will a simple pubmed cross-reference suffice? Or is there more I can do to make sure they have active grants?


MSTP Director
10+ Year Member
Oct 11, 2007
TEXAS (Eden)
  1. Attending Physician
Examine the lab websites of mentors and the mentors of students currently in the program. If your list only has the famous professors (i.e.: Nobel, HHMI, etc), it is a negative. Ideally, you say I am interested in cell signaling in cancer and choose 3-5 people actively researching, with R01s and current students.
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