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  1. Hello fellow waitlisted members,

    I like the rest of you have been thinking about my waitlisted status. I've been thinking, What can I do to increase my chances of getting picked? Whatinformation can I find out about my current status? What little tidbit of fact can I find that will give me reassurance that I may be one of the lucky ones.

    I was thinking these things until I came to a very real fact. No matter how much I try to find out about the schools waitlist policy, number taken from it, my rank, or any any other small factoid, I am still waitlisted. We are taught all of our lives to ask questions and seek information so it is only natural for us to try to uncover every clue we can.

    The truth is that the waitlist is out of our hands. Aside from updating them with letters of intent, new coursework grades, and phone calls expressing interest, there really isn't much we can do but wait. It is out of our control at this point, and trying to find out facts really isn't going to change things much.

    Try to be patient. I know it's hard. I don't like being patient either, but what more can we do? Hopefully we all will get that lucky spot, but if we don't there is always next time. Keep up the hard work and never lose hope.
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    hi wish,

    i remember waiting EVERYDAY for the mail to come to find out something about my interviews and results. It must be nerve-racking right now. Consider that you are still far ahead of those who received the TNT letters, and stay positive. There's a place for everybody!

    Good luck to you.

    electra :)
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