Any advice on how to impress PCOM admissions with my SECONDARY???

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Dec 5, 2003
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something...anything.....people here have been accepted to Thanks :D


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Sep 18, 2002
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Is your PCOM secondary for this year? Everything is due in their office (including letters of rec) by March 1st (tomorrow). Will you have everything in by tomorrow? If you can, I think you should just hit the high points in your life and how those experiences will help you succeed as a DO.

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Aug 24, 2002
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Hey there.

I'm not at PCOM but this is still relevant.

On some of my secondaries, there was a big blank space for whatever you feel like putting in there. Instead of rehashing my personal statement, I tried something different. I learned as much as possible about the school I wanted to go to, including projects that they were working on, what kind of academic successes they've had, etc. I used that knowledge to show them how interested I was in that particular school (ie kissing up a little). Well, it worked because my interviewer even commented that I seemed to be very well-informed.

Just a little psychological principle. If you already know that somebody likes you, then you are more likely to like them.

Use the opportunity to stand out!



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Feb 3, 2004
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If you are still trying to send in the secondary for this year, go for something that really stands out in your essay and have strong reasons for wanting to go there from wherever you are from. You have a very strong gpa and I think their average mcat acceptance, but its late so if you get everything in and they review it, you must have something in there that will stand out so they will want to interview there.

If you do reapply for next year, I HIGHLY recommend shadowing a DO. It's a great experience and a LOR from one that you shadowed goes a long way for any osteopathic school.

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