Any advice on integrating boards and beyond with in-house lectures?


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May 27, 2017
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Hi everyone,
I'm an OMS-I and still honing my study strategy. I'm passing but I'd guess I'm in the 30th percentile in my class. For most of the first semester I was making my own anki decks and I've only just started making effective cards and feeling like I have a longer-term grasp on the content (and am able to memorize in volume when necessary).

Now i'm learning to trust anki for long-term memorization, I'm thinking about switching to boards and beyond and the lightyear deck (or another one if anyone has any suggestions) while continuing to glance through school lecture ppts to make sure I'm learning the right things to pass the in-house exams too.

Does anyone have any recommendations for the best way to go about this? Here's my current plan:

1. Map out the lectures for my school at the beginning of each block
2. Watch boards and beyond videos that correspond with the day's lectures first
3. Quickly glance over in-house ppts
4. Un-suspend lightyear cards as necessary and make a few cards if in-house lecture diverges into topics not covered

Is this viable? Should I instead be going through lecture first and watching B&B second? How long does it take people to pick the right cards from the light year deck? Seems like it would probably take less time than I'm currently spending making my own cards (usually takes me 2-3 hours to make a deck for a lecture hour). Much appreciated if anyone has any insight!
Nov 12, 2020
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I would say go with the AnKing deck, here’s why: with the hierarchal tagging system, you can still go in and watch the BnB lecture and unsuspend cards, just like the LY deck. But the AnKing deck is also tagged for Costanzo Physiology, all of Sketchy, and Pathoma, making it a one-stop shop for boards and your preclinical years. I’ve used both decks and in my opinion AnKing is more comprehensive over LY.

Your plan is sound, but I would add in some practice questions before each exam too, so you can integrate the material from the cards and lecture in a big picture kind of way.
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