Any Bloggers in the house?


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May 2, 2001
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    Jan 21, 2006
    1. Attending Physician
      Panda Bear said:
      Please read my humble blog on which I will resume blogging soon, having stopped temporarily secondary to moving and switching residency programs.

      I'm looking forward to it. BTW...I can think of lots of words to describe your blog, Gus, but "humble" isn't one of 'em. ;)


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      Nov 14, 2005
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        Blog of a medical student who seems really interested in technology and medicine:

        One of the best parts, in my opinion, is the list of links he has to other medical-related blogs... he's taken the time to find other great medical blogs from practicing MD's, medical students, residents, etc. (the lis of other blogs is on the right, underneath the search box).

        You might also want to check out "Grand Rounds":

        Basically, every week or so, a different medical blogger hosts a session of "grand rounds" and talks about some aspect of their practice, some interesting cases / findings. Some of them are pretty intereseting.

        Some blogs I read now and then: <- not mine, but hilarious account of the medical school years.

        Blog of a general surgeon:


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        Aug 4, 2006
        1. Medical Student
          Started one during Board Studying time for suffering med students. It's random, and I try to keep from naming names in it since our med school administration has been known to surf our pages from time to time - hunting for the scent of 'unprofessionalism.'

          And yes, I have trouble staying awake during rounds.
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